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Smile Styler Case study

For the first time, dentists can use clear aligners to do much more than move teeth. With the right patient commitment and SmileStyler’s unique orthodontic approach, they can apply key aesthetic and facial proportions providing patients the outcome they expect.

Debbie is a 25-year-old professional who wants something different to conventional fixed orthodontics or aesthetic aligners. Debbie’s goals are to straighten and whiten her teeth and broaden her smile. Debbie’s dentist collaborated with SmileStyler to ensure that her treatment reduced the dark spaces in the corners of her mouth, aligned her front upper and lower teeth and improved her overbite.

The dentist then used SmileStyler’s 3D software to clearly show how her orthodontic treatment plan will progress in achieving her desired smile. This approach also has the added bonus of getting the patient enthusiastic about how the final outcome will look.

One of the many critical differences between conventional fixed orthodontic braces and other clear aligner products is that the SmileStyler process uses a new 3D scan of the teeth between each phase or every 6 aligner steps. These 3D scans are used to manufacture the next phase of aligners. The benefit of this is to ensure that subsequent aligners fit perfectly by allowing for discrepancies that occur during the treatment process. Because SmileStyler delivers aligners within 1 week, there are no delays in treatment times and no unforeseen costs if mid-course correction is needed.

The dentist, in conjunction with SmileStyler, determined that Debbie needed 24 aligners to complete her treatment. During the course of treatment, her dental arches were expanded to reduce the dark spaces in the corners of her mouth, her front lower and upper teeth were aligned and the deep overbite was reduced. During the final phase of her treatment, a 3D scan was used to manufacture her free set of retainers to maintain her desired smile.

Patient’s like Debbie make it clear that the future is upon us. Patient’s expect more, so it is reassuring to know that practitioners have access to innovative products such as SmileStyler.

By Dr. John Hagiliassis – Freedom Dental

(Originally Featured on the Smile Styler Website.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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