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Before-and-after smile makeovers

By using our digital technology, a patient can see what they will look like after their treatment is completed. We utilise 3D X-rays, an intra-oral scanner, photos and videos to create a virtual before-and-after of their smile. It’s a smile makeover courtesy of some revolutionary technology.

How does a smile makeover work?

Initially, we build the patient’s smile virtually, whether it’s crowns, veneers, implant or implant crowns. We utilise the software in a digital smile design workflow to produce a template of your new smile. We then show you what it’s going to look like and, once you have given your approval, we use that to accurately execute the results.

Does the patient have input into the design?

It’s their smile so we insist on it! We can guide them in terms of colour, shape and contour. There are limitations in regard to the patient’s facial structure but we try to achieve a result that fully respects their input.

Naturally, a patient who has active input into the process is happier with the end result. They no longer have to just lie back and trust the dentist to do the work. We’re working with them to produce a new smile of their choice. We provide the knowledge and the tools to show our patients exactly what’s possible. Ultimately, we want to make sure they’re happy before we even start.

The revolution of digital smile design

Digital smile design is an exciting, new area in our profession. It takes in all the different elements we have in the practice and puts them together to preview a new smile before work has even begun.

We’re using the latest technology and techniques to create the most realistic preview possible. We then create a detailed treatment plan to realise all the patient’s choices leading to their new smile.

How precise is the future image on the screen?

The technologies are incredibly accurate in regard to 3D radiology and digital intra-oral scans. We’re showing our patients images based on the exact placement and condition of their teeth today. The technology creates a digital representation of their teeth that’s viewed on a computer screen. This image is a highly accurate representation of what’s in their mouth.

We always provide our patients with before-and-after photos for comparison. Just like renovating a house, we can refer back to where we started and modify as we go. If a patient should change their mind, we will modify the end result. It’s all part of the process.

How many appointments will you need?

A smile makeover involves a number of consultations. The virtual before-and-after images are done over a number of appointments, but once we have the template in place, there’s some flexibility in design. We’re building the new smile on the foundations of the existing teeth. Once we create an image of how the new smile will look, there’s always an opportunity to modify the result.

In conclusion

These days, patients want input into what they’re getting and what they’re purchasing. They want input into how they will look . Ultimately we’re here to help make them feel great about their smile.

Want to learn more about getting your best-ever smile? Click on the link to read more about smile makeovers at Freedom Dental.

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