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Relax at our dental spa

Our dental practice doesn’t feel or smell like a sterile surgery. Aromatherapy candles, a water feature, noise-cancelling headphones and comfortable seating are just some of the elements we provide to help patients feel as calm as possible.

Pure relaxation in the dental spa

With a day spa ambience, our practice is very different to run-of-the-mill dental surgeries.

In the waiting room, you are greeted by our friendly staff in a tranquil environment. We offer hot beverages, soothing music and fragrant candles to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Our goal is to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

In the surgery, our dental team is well versed in pain relief and we talk to patients about all their options, such as laughing gas or general anaesthetic. There are blankets, eye masks and warm towels available.

Patients can choose what they would like to watch on the ceiling-mounted TV. It’s not uncommon for a patient who has multiple appointments to finish watching a movie or TV series they started during their first visit. The practice has a range of shows on offer, ranging from David Attenborough documentaries to Seinfeld episodes.

Help for phobic patients

While the personalised music, aromatherapy candles and favourite TV shows may sound like a special treat, they’re often a necessity for patients who are nervous or have dental phobia.

Our team is aware that for a phobic patient, it’s hard enough making the phone call, let alone actually visiting the practice. We are committed to ensuring they feel relaxed from the outset.

Our style of practice makes these patients feel at home and part of the family. It starts from the moment they arrive, when patients can have a cup of tea in the waiting area. It’s more like being in a living room than a dental surgery.

Overcoming fear

One of the most rewarding parts of the job here is when a once-phobic patient return to our practice and is no longer nervous or stressed about their appointment. One of the by-products of a new smile is the effect it can have for improving one’s overall health. When a phobic patient overcomes their fear, one flow-on effect is that they want to improve their health by giving up cigarettes. Our dental team is delighted to support patients who want to quit smoking.

At Freedom Dental, the goal of all our staff is to help patients enjoy the visit and make the experience as rewarding as possible.

Why patients are the priority

From the moment you walk into our practice, you are the focus of everything we do. The dentist will discuss your wants and needs to ensure we can fulfil your requirements. We certainly don’t subscribe to the old ‘doctor knows best’ philosophy. Here, we serve the patient rather than tell them what they need. The trust that our patients put in us is very humbling.

One nice thing we’ve noticed is that patients stay with us, even when they move out of the area. We have a patient who told us of an experience he had in his home town in South Australia—quite a distance from our practice in Melbourne. One day he was in the pub telling the publican how he drives for six hours to see his dentist. There was a new father in town and he asked, “Who do you see?” Our patient said, “Freedom Dental” and the new guy said, “So do we.”

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