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Hit IQ mouth guards

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Help protect them from the sidelines with a HIT·IQ smart mouthguard

Introducing HITIQ smart mouthguards

Combining a head impact surveillance system with a custom fit mouthguard, the HITIQ smart mouthguard provides you with data to help protect players 12 years and over from the effects of head impacts during contact sports.

Sensors within the HITIQ mouthguard detect head impacts, which are collated and assessed. After game play, alerts are sent to your HITIQ app, alerting you to head impacts detected by the mouthguard.

Get smart when it comes to head impacts

As many as 50% of concussions may go unreported

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Concussions account for 90% of all traumatic brain injuries in kids

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25% of childhood concussions come from playing sport

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How it works

1. Fitting

  • A 3D scan is taken of a player’s mouth by a Freedom Dental Clinician.
  • Using the scan, a custom-fit mouthguard is created and embedded with data sensors which are then calibrated.

2. Connecting

  • The HITIQ app is downloaded on any mobile running Android 10.0 and above or iOS 15 and above.
  • The mobile needs to be connected to a data plan and within network coverage for the app to work.

3. Playing

  • The HITIQ mouthguard assesses and classifies any head impacts registered using proprietary algorithms.*
  • The data is then synced to the HITIQ mobile app via Bluetooth for viewing after training sessions and games.

What’s included

* Data registered by the HITIQ smart mouthguard is not 100% accurate in all circumstances, and is affected by factors including the quality of input data. Specifically, there can be no guarantee that the HITIQ smart mouthguard and/or application will identify all potential head injury risks for any given user. The user accepts all risks associated with reliance upon any data registered by the HITIQ smart mouthguard and/or transmitted to, or made available through the application.

The HITIQ smart mouthguard and/or application does not provide medical services, and users are advised to seek medical attention where appropriate.

HITIQ smart mouthguards are suitable for players aged 12+.

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