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Tooth Fillings

Tooth coloured filling material for a natural looking smile.

If you require a filling, or wish to replace your existing silver fillings, you may be pleased to discover that we only use white coloured, high quality materials. Tooth-Fillings

This ensures your teeth do not have that ‘silver look’ when you laugh or smile and your restorations enjoy a long life span. White fillings do not contain mercury and are ideal in achieving long term strength in filled teeth.

White fillings are not always appropriate for teeth with large cavities. An alternative would be to place porcelain restorations such as inlays or crowns. The life expectancy of a white filling can depend greatly on where it is in your mouth and how heavily your teeth come together when you bite. Your dentist can advise you on the life expectancy of your fillings.

White or tooth coloured fillings provides a healthier more natural alternative to traditional silver or amalgam fillings. They also allow for a minimally invasive restoration; meaning more of your natural tooth can be preserved.

Fillings: what are they?

Fillings are extremely common in Australia and are generally used to treat dental decay. It’s vital to avoid decay if possible and often best to treat it immediately. Tooth decay is Australia’s most prevalent health problem, according to the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and fillings are one of the most common ways to repair the damage that decay can cause.

Oral Cancer treatable

White fillings for a natural look

The main reason for getting a white filling is that it looks just like your natural tooth. The dentist will blend a colour that matches your dental shade, so you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing the results in your teeth. They are best for small- and medium-sized fillings, where they will provide a durable and lasting solution that will protect your tooth and save you from any future discomfort.

Naturally, avoiding fizzy drinks, sweets, biscuits and other sugary substances is the first step in avoiding decay. You can also aim to strengthen the enamel on your teeth by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste twice daily, and consuming items that contain calcium to help neutralise acids. Flossing once a day will also help to remove food debris that becomes stuck between teeth and promotes tooth decay.


Fillings to repair the damage

When your tooth does become decayed, it’s important to treat the problem as soon as possible to prevent further damage. You will often feel the decay forming as the tooth begins to ache or feels sensitive to temperatures. Or, your dentist may spot the damage during a routine check-up, which is the ideal situation as they can treat it right away before it gets worse or starts causing discomfort.

The procedure itself is a simple and quick one. First, your dentist will numb the area with a local anaesthetic. Then, they will use a small drill to remove the decay and clean out the area. Once this is complete, they will fill the space with a special material – or composite resin (white) or porcelain.

Types of Fillings

Porcelain Fillings

porcelain-Fillings Dental porcelain is very strong, and therefore suitable for larger fillings and for teeth that have cracks in them. Porcelain fillings provide an excellent cosmetic result because the porcelain can be matched to the colour of the natural tooth, and has a similar translucent quality to that of tooth enamel. Porcelain fillings are custom-made away from the mouth by a process of casting. The customised piece of porcelain is then cemented into the tooth.

Composite Resin Fillings

composite-Resin-Fillings Composite resin fillings are a more modern material, made from a mixture of fine glass particles and plastic. The main benefit of this material is that it matches the colour of natural teeth, so is practically impossible to detect without a close inspection. This makes it a popular choice for teeth at the front of your mouth.

Think you have a cavity, you might need a filling? Let us help.

If you need a filling, your dentist will talk you through the options in materials and suggest which one may be best for you and the position of the tooth in your mouth. They can also answer any other questions and help you learn how to look after your teeth to avoid needing more fillings in future.

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