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We are here for you and your teeth at Freedom Dental Melbourne.

Dental Emergency hotline: 03 9828 3838

Freedom Dental Melbourne have appointments available the same day for new patients at our dental clinic in Melbourne, just minutes from the Melbourne CBD.

If you’re not sure if a dental problem is an emergency, we offer this advice: if it hurts, it’s an emergency. If your injury seems small, it can still affect the living tissues inside the teeth. Quick treatment improves the odds of saving injured or damaged teeth, and consequently, damaged nerves or blood vessels. If you ignore dental pain or dental injury, you’re taking a chance, because there is also a risk of getting an infection, which can become life threatening.

Most dental emergencies are usually relief of acute pain, emergency root canal treatment or an extraction.

In some circumstances, these emergencies may involve:

Trauma & Sports Related Injuries

dental-pain1 If your tooth is displaced by trauma or has been knocked out of the socket you will have to call us as soon as possible. If the tooth is out of the socket, care should be taken to handle the tooth only by its crown and not by its root. If you are unsure about reimplanting the tooth, clean the tooth under running water and place the tooth in milk. Do not store the tooth in water. There are times when a tooth can be re-implanted and saved if done promptly.

Any dental injury is distressing especially when a permanent tooth is knocked out. Teeth that are reinserted into their socket within twenty minutes have the best chance of surviving. Cold packs, are helpful or even ice cubes placed either inside the mouth or above your injured tooth. These can reduce pain and swelling before the patient reaches our dental practice.

If you play sports, you are more likely to sustain damage to the teeth when not wearing a protective mouthguard. The cost of a fractured tooth may be greater than the cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Abscessed Teeth

dental-pain1 Pain when you bite or chew, especially if it is accompanied by a foul odour and a bad taste, can be a sign of an abscess that needs immediate treatment. An abscessed tooth will cause an unrelenting and spontaneous pain that may last anywhere from 30 seconds to hours at a time. The pain may/may not be triggered by irritants such as food, heat or cold. It may be accompanied by swelling and you may experience pain when swallowing.

In this event, you will need to see one of our skilled dentists as soon as possible. In the worst case scenario, the tooth may require root canal therapy or may need to be extracted. We will give you all your options once we are able to have it examined. Antibiotics may be required when treating abscessed teeth. In any case, getting you out of pain and comfortable is our immediate goal.

Lost Crowns/Veneers

dental-pain1 Consider it an emergency if you have a lost filling or crown. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, the tooth has lost its support and it could easily become weaker. Pieces could break off or crumble, and you would need more extensive treatment. If you see your dentist right away, there’s a good chance they will be able to repair the damage with minimal treatment.

If you have lost your crown or veneer, put it in a safe place and avoid things that make the tooth hurt. Many times we are able to reattach the crown without having to make a new one. You may find that the uncovered tooth is irritating to your tongue and therefore we suggest you call us as soon as possible for repair or to place a temporary crown.

Broken Dentures or Partials

dental-pain1 Teeth can sometimes be separated from dentures or partials. We also find that the clasps or the plastic base may break. Most of these issues can be remedied through our laboratory during regular business hours. Although we can often have the repair completed in one day, occasionally it may require an extra day.

If you are concerned your full or partial dentures could be damaged, please contact us at your earliest convenience on: 03 9828 3838

Infections Causing Swelling

dental-pain1 If you have any form of swelling contact us straight away as infections that cause swelling of the face or fever are issues that must be addressed quickly by a dentist and may not wait until business hours begin. You should be seen quickly the day of your call.

If your case is related to an impacted tooth, dental abscess or trauma, then the inflammation is your body’s response to the injury or infection. As a result of this, you may experience, pain, swelling, redness, warmth, or loss of function of the affected area or tooth. If you are suffering from any of these types of infections you need to be treated.

In the event that the pain is unbearable and occurs in the middle of the night, please contact our dental clinic and we will get back to you as soon as possible via our after-hours number.

Comprehensive emergency dental treatment: Dental Emergency hotline
03 9828 3838

Treating dental emergencies across Melbourne with limited after-hours care

Limited after-hours appointments may be available. We also specifically keep time slots aside every day for emergencies. All patients have the option to book appointments in the early mornings, evening and on Saturdays. Limited after-hours emergency dental treatment is available at Freedom Dental for our existing patients.

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