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Discover the digital dentistry revolution at Freedom Dental

The introduction of inter-oral scanners and 3D digital dentistry technologies are helping to revolutionise the dentist/patient relationship.

It wasn’t that long ago when dentists had to use putty to take a mould of a patient’s mouth in order to undertake a comprehensive oral examination. This often forced the patient to gag due to the unusual experience of the material in their mouth. The limitations of the process also meant that there was usually a bit of guesswork involved on behalf of the dentist when it came to diagnosis.
Fortunately, the adoption of digital technologies have put an end to that process and we now have a much more accurate, not to mention pleasant, way of collating this data.

What can we do with digital dentistry now?

The digital software allows us to take a video of a patient’s smile that we’re then able to convert into a digital file. From there, the dentist is able to 3D-print a replacement tooth, crown, veneer or aligner.

The technology also allows us to use radiography to take a photo of the bone in 3D, as opposed to the two-dimensional X-rays previously available. This means much of the guesswork involved in diagnosing or planning for an implant, crown or wisdom tooth extraction has now been removed.

By combining the use of digital software, radiology and intra-oral scanners, a lot of the risk involved with anatomical landmarks is also minimised.

A more accurate result

In short, we are able to provide superior results for our patients, whether it’s an implant, orthodontics or other oral surgery.

By using our scanners in all our diagnostic work, we are able to confidentially measure the size of the impacted area to within a hundredth of a millimetre.

When digital scans first arrived on the scene, they involved putting powder into a patient’s mouth. What we have now are scans that don’t even need to be air-dried. The intra-oral scans are now able to see through saliva and take an accurate image. It’s easy and takes approximately two minutes.

Customised dentistry

At Freedom Dental, we also have an in-house representative who helps us utilise this technology to customise fillings and crowns on site that can then be colour-matched to our patients’ existing teeth. In addition, technicians in our in-house lab are able to construct mouthguards, night splints, bleaching trays, orthodontic retainers and also porcelain fillings—all of which they design with the use of intra-oral scanners.

The future of digital dentistry

The rapid advancement of this technology means the day is not too far away where if we have a digital copy of someone’s teeth and they lose a tooth, we will be able to manufacture an accurate replica of that missing tooth.

We won’t remake nature—but we’ll be able to exactly copy the individual tooth based on pre-existing scans intra-oral images or computer files of the patient’s mouth. It’s an exciting time to be a dentist.

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