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Dental Sleep Clinic

Are you having trouble sleeping? Wondering how to overcome insomnia? Are you seeking a solution for snoring or an effective sleeping device to help you get a much needed nights sleep?

Freedom Dental Sleep Clinic provides evidence based solutions for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. Our experienced team can co-ordinate every step of your sleep journey, from consultation through to sleep study, diagnosis and treatment. As always, we aim to provide six star customer service at affordable prices. We work with highly qualified sleep physicians to get the answers, and more importantly, the solutions you need.

applianceapplianceEvidence Based

Oral appliance therapy is evidence based and a proven treatment for those patients who suffer from sleep apnoea or snoring.


We recognise that many people are unwilling or cannot use the CPAP machine for their sleep apnoea. We can provide an alternative solution to help you achieve a better and more comfortable night sleep.  The Freedom Sleep Clinic also offers NightLase light treatment as an additional solution for your needs. Click here for more info


As a fully digital practice, we can offer you precision, fit, comfort and strength when it comes to your oral appliance. Our appliances are Australian made.

Affordable and Fast

Because we offer a full in-house sleep clinic, we can co-ordinate your at home sleep assessment, diagnosis and treatment as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to provide affordable option should you require any treatment or devises.

Schedule a Home Sleep Study or Information Session

Learn more about sleep apnoea and other oral health related problems you may be dealing with by attending a complimentary information session at Freedom Dental. You’ll have the chance to talk to our knowledgeable team who’ll answer any questions you have. Click here for terms and conditions.

Dr. Yan Lau is passionate about helping people who suffer from sleep related breathing issues such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. Dr. Yan graduated from La Trobe University and has worked in public and private sectors in Sydney and Melbourne. She has done further studies and training in the field of dental sleep medicine. She believes the importance of recognising and managing the overall health of her patients. With a particular interest in dental sleep medicine, she recognises the risks of sleep related breathing disorders and works closely with other health professionals to manage their conditions. Dr Yan is a friendly, supportive and experienced provider who endeavours to help her patients achieve a better night sleep.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide, Dr Boon returned to Victoria to practice for a few years where he joined an established practice in Torquay, Victoria and became a well-known local dentist due to his gentle nature. Dr Boon was accredited with 2 private hospitals in the Geelong region and has performed numerous dental surgeries for adults and children. He has completed further studies in laser dentistry and is particularly interested in supporting those with snoring and sleep apnoea using this treatment.

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Dr John absolutely loves technology and loves finding ways to incorporate it into his practice to make him more accurate and efficient. Many years ago, John was one of the first people to have an iTero scanner in the world and has continued this trend by updating his technology constantly. This is one of the reasons we offer a fully digital experience at our Melbourne Sleep Clinic.

Dr Tina Raj

Dr Tina has undergone addition training with the Fotona Lightwalker and is competently able to provide an array of laser dental treatments for you.

Dr Tina Raj completed her Bachelor of Science with first class honours and then attained a Doctor of Philosophy specialising in Molecular Biology, cardio-vascular disease from Monash University.

She then went on to successfully complete her Entry Degree of Bachelor of Dentistry with honours from the University of Sydney. Dr Tina believes in respecting and caring for her patients which is well balanced with her gentle, compassionate nature and a strong drive in pursuing clinical excellence. She tries to implement these goals in her daily practice.

Dental Sleep Clinic

What is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)?

Obstructive sleep apnoea happens when your upper airway becomes blocked, restricting your ability to breathe normally while sleeping. It can cause your breath to become shallow or to stop altogether, and when breathing resumes it may be accompanied by a loud choke, gasp or sudden body movements that cause you or people around you to wake up.

As well as causing breathing problems, OSA can put pressure on your respiratory system and restrict the flow of oxygen throughout your body, as well as disturbing your sleep and that of other people.

OSA can occur many times a night, but some people are unaware of it until someone else tells them about it.

Dental Sleep Clinic

What are the symptoms?

When you make an appointment at Freedom Dental, your dentist will need to know what symptoms you’re experiencing. This helps us to determine whether you have sleep apnoea or a different issue. You may have OSA if:

  • you snore loudly and deeply
  • you wake up suddenly in the night
  • you stop breathing, choke or gasp while asleep
  • you’re tired, have trouble staying awake or concentrating
  • you have trouble getting to sleep at night (insomnia)
  • you wake up with a headache, dry mouth or sore throat

Sleep apnoea can also affect children, where it may be linked to bed wetting, teeth grinding (bruxism) and learning or behaviour disorders.

How can sleep apnoea be treated?

sleep-apnoeaIf you are diagnosed with mild to moderate OSA, we may recommend a mandibular advancement device or splint (MAD or MAS) to be worn at night. This appliance is made from plastic or acrylic and is custom-made to fit inside your mouth, where it helps to keep your airway open and may also prevent your tongue from entering your throat or push your lower jaw forward. Measuring and fitting this device requires mulitple visits to our melbourne dental clinic.

If your OSA is more severe, we may refer you to a doctor who can provide continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP). This involves wearing a face mask at night, with uninterrupted airflow keeping your throat open.

If your OSA is related to a sinus problem, this may be treated using a nasal spray. If your airway is blocked due to large tonsils, a deviated septum or other excess of tissue, we may recommend oral surgery for a more long term solution.

We’ll also recommend that you make any lifestyle changes needed to reduce your risk factor for OSA, such as losing weight, reducing your alcohol intake and avoiding sleeping pills.

Dental Sleep Clinic

How is OSA diagnosed?

Not all snoring problems are caused by sleep apnoea, so it’s important that we accurately assess your condition before we start to plan any treatment. During your appointment at our dental clinic, we’ll ask you about the symptoms you’re experiencing and perform a physical examination of your mouth. We might also request to talk to people you live with, who might be able to offer further insights.

If we think OSA is a possibility, we’ll refer you to a sleep physician for a sleep study. A sleep physician will monitor your breathing, heart rate, muscle activity and other vital signs to understand how your breathing problems are affecting you and diagnose the severity of your condition.

Dental Sleep Clinic

What causes OSA?

Our dentists can help to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnoea, but for long-term relief, it’s important to track down what’s causing it.

The most common cause of obstructive sleep apnoea in adults is being overweight. More than half of people with this condition have a body mass index (BMI) categorised as overweight or obese. This can cause the soft tissues in your throat to expand, which can block the airway when you go to sleep and your muscles relax.

Tumours and other growths in the throat can also cause obstructions, as can having a naturally larger neck, tonsils or tongue, a tight throat or a deviated septum. OSA in children is most commonly caused by oversized tonsils or a misaligned bite.

Men are more likely to experience OSA than women, and the risk factor for this condition increases with age. You’ll also be at greater risk of sleep apnoea developing if you’re a smoker or if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Dental Sleep Clinic

What health risks are associated with OSA?

If you think you might be suffering from sleep apnoea, you should make an appointment to see our dentists as soon as possible, as this condition can lead to serious complications if it’s left untreated. OSA has been linked with a number of serious health conditions, including:

  • cardiovascular (heart) disease
  • diabetes
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • heart attacks
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)
  • nocturnal angina
  • stroke

As well as its direct impact on health, OSA symptoms can also have other consequences. If you often feel tired, drowsy or have trouble concentrating during the day, it can affect your alertness while driving. OSA can also increase your risk of psychological issues such as stress and depression.

Schedule a free information session

Learn more about sleep apnoea and other oral health related problems you may be dealing with by attending a complimentary information session at Freedom Dental. You’ll have the chance to talk to our knowledgable team who’ll answer any questions you have. Click here for terms and conditions.

NightLase Snoring and Apnea Treatment

NiteLase Treatment is a non-invasive, gentle and safe treatment which is used to assist our patients open up the air passages. Laser Treatment is often an excellent adjunct treatment to the CPAP machine and Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS).

This procedure is relatively quick and requires no surgery or anaesthesia.  During your consultation, your dentist will determine whether you are a suitable  candidate for laser treatment and if you require a home sleep study prior to treatment. Typical treatments take up to three visits, however to ensure you get the best results, we often include a fourth visit complimentary.

Laser treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea usually takes no longer than 20 minutes and you can return to normal activities. The best results are seen six months after treatment and that is when collagen has formed. Results usually last 12-15 months post treatment, therefore one maintenance session is suggested per year to prolong results.

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