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What Causes Stained Teeth And How To Avoid It?

Wisdom Tooth

Ways To Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to make an appearance, usually between the ages of 17 and 25. The feeling of the tooth pushing through the gums is painful. And often, there is no room left in a person’s mouth for the wisdom teeth as the rest of the adult teeth have already developed. Many[…]

How Does Sleep Dentistry Work

How Does Sleep Dentistry Work?

Dentophobia is the fear of going to the dentist which causes some patients to have anxiety and panic attacks or avoid getting treatment for their dental issues. Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry is, as the name suggests, where patients are put under anaesthesia during their treatment. This gives patients a relaxing and comfortable experience during[…]

Cosmetic Dentistry

How to Pick the Right Kind of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Difference Between Dental Veneers and Teeth Whitening Over recent years, dentists have come to be valued for more than just their ability to help patients keep a good bill of dental health and hygiene. Cosmetic dentistry has quickly become a common dental service that is affordable, and not just something sought after by celebrities and[…]

Dry Mouth Treatment

Dry Mouth: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Dry Mouth is a medical condition commonly known as “Xerostomia”, that affects the flow of saliva in your mouth. And you may not realise it, but saliva is essential for a healthy mouth. Saliva has proteins and enzymes that help break down food, swallow food and cleanse around your mouth and teeth. When the amount[…]

Know About Teeth Whitening

Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Australia. The treatment is used to whiten teeth that are stained or discoloured. For many people, achieving a brighter looking smile is an attractive prospect, which is why the treatment is so popular. But, what does teeth whitening mean? Is it suitable for[…]

Braces VS Invisalign: Which One Will Work Best For You?

Braces VS Invisalign: Which One Will Work Best For You?

When it comes to getting your dream smile, traditional braces and Invisalign are both popular options. But is one better than the other? Well, both braces and Invisalign were designed to straighten teeth while improving your overall oral health. However, both these orthodontic treatments are different from each other and have their own set of[…]

Dental Tourism: Are the Savings worth Travelling the Extra Mile For Your Smile?

Dental Tourism: Are the Savings worth Travelling the Extra Mile For Your Smile?

Dental tourism has grown immensely over the last decade, due to increased affordability of complex dental procedures. Dental tourism refers to people travelling abroad to undergo major dental procedures such as: implants, crowns and bridges fitting, root canal treatment, fillings, veneers and teeth whitening. However, the issue with going abroad for dentistry is the standards,[…]

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